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Dependable Environmental Contracting Team

When dealing with potentially dangerous substances like mold, asbestos, or lead, hiring a dependable, full-service environmental contractor in Wisconsin is crucial. From residential properties to commercial buildings and industrial sites, our extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of toxins enables us to craft unique abatement solutions for every task. As such, if you need an environmental contractor, our ECCO Midwest team is the one to call.

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Your Go-To Environmental Contractor in Wisconsin

Our dedication to quality and years of expertise in environmental contracting are our greatest assets at ECCO Midwest. Experts in environmental contracting who are current on all applicable rules and regulations make up our team. When you contact our exceptional Wisconsin-based team, you can trust that the services you require will be attended to with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Our lead and asbestos abatement services are thorough and individualized to suit the needs of each customer. Furthermore, our company goes to extraordinary lengths to safeguard our customers and the environment by implementing removal procedures that are proven to be both safe and effective. We guarantee the utmost efficiency, safety, and quality in all our projects when you choose ECCO Midwest as your partner.

Our Extensive Environmental Services

To ensure the safety of both individuals and the environment, quality must not be compromised. As such, providing a wide range of top-notch environmental services is our goal as your full-service environmental contractor in Wisconsin.

Asbestos Abatement and Encapsulation

In order to remove asbestos from buildings and eliminate any health hazards related to fiber exposure, our asbestos abatement services in Wisconsin ensure the safe and complete removal of asbestos-containing materials. The ECCO Midwest crew protects its employees and the people in the building from asbestos by adhering to all applicable rules and regulations during the removal and disposal of the material. Encapsulation is another service we provide alongside abatement; it entails enclosing asbestos items to stop the needless release of dangerous fibers into the air. 

Mold Remediation

When you hire us for mold remediation in Wisconsin, we’ll find every source of mold development, control it, and get rid of it permanently. After we establish the extent of the problem, we design a remediation strategy that is unique to the property.

Mold spores can quickly move to other locations; therefore, we take precautions to control them as part of our restoration procedure. Subsequently, we employ specialist cleaning solutions and industry-approved methods to remove mold-infested materials and surfaces safely. Our final step in preventing mold growth is to dry and dehumidify the damaged area.

Lead Abatement and Stabilization

The process of lead abatement consists of removing or containing lead-based materials in order to minimize or eliminate the potential for lead exposure. This is especially critical in older buildings that may have been painted with lead before modern regulations. ECCO Midwest abides by stringent EPA and OSHA regulations and guidelines to safely and effectively abate lead for buildings in Wisconsin.

Furthermore, our team of certified and trained professionals employ an advanced array of tools and techniques to identify lead hazards, determine the extent of contamination, and execute the most appropriate lead removal or stabilization strategy. This may involve completely eradicating, encapsulating, or enclosing lead-containing materials.

Commercial HVAC and Duct Cleaning

At ECCO Midwest, we offer commercial HVAC and duct cleaning services in Wisconsin that serve to improve the air quality within your building, make your HVAC system more energy efficient, and increase its longevity. During the cleaning procedure, our team of expert HVAC specialists is instructed to follow all safety protocols and industry best practices. On top of that, we are proud that our clients always walk away from our services with better indoor air quality and more efficient HVAC systems. 

Our Other Commercial Services

As your environmental contractor in Wisconsin, we provide a wide range of commercial services, the most commonly requested of which are those listed above. However, we also offer:

  • Specialty Cleaning
  • Interior Demolition
  • Guano and Pigeon Debris Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Poly Protection Installation and Removal for Roof Replacements
  • Building Water Extraction and Drying

Reach Out to ECCO Midwest Today—Your Trusted Environmental Contractor in Wisconsin

Expertise, dependability, and a commitment to environmental preservation have made ECCO Midwest a household name in the world of environmental contractors. If you need specialized cleaning and sanitation services, such as industrial duct cleaning, environmental remediation, or anything else, ECCO Midwest can handle it with ease and expertise. Get in touch with us today at 651-788-9556 or through our online contact form, and let us be your trusted environmental contractor in Wisconsin.