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Poly Protection, Interior Demolition, Specialty Cleaning

ECCO Midwest, Inc. specializes in a range of services from asbestos and lead abatement to mold remediation, but ECCO Midwest offers even more commercial services.

The scope of services offered by ECCO Midwest extends to a comprehensive array of commercial cleaning solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Recognizing the diverse challenges faced by commercial spaces, ECCO Midwest offers specialized cleaning services that go beyond the conventional. Their expertise includes meticulous interior demolition, ensuring that the integrity of the structure is maintained while preparing spaces for renovation or refurbishment. In the unique niche of Guano and Pigeon Debris Cleaning, they bring a level of sanitization and safety that is paramount, especially in environments where health risks are a concern. This is complemented by their proficiency in Poly Protection Installation and Removal, a crucial service for roof replacements and protecting sensitive food service equipment.


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Another key area where ECCO Midwest excels is in Building Water Extraction and Dry Out – a critical service for mitigating water damage and preventing the proliferation of mold and other hazards. Their approach is not just about addressing the immediate issue but ensuring the long-term integrity and safety of the building. This commitment to excellence is a testament to their understanding of the construction industry’s standards and values. Whether it’s a routine cleaning task or an emergency response, ECCO Midwest’s team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals work closely with architects, engineers, and project managers, adhering strictly to all local, state, and federal regulations. Their comprehensive service offerings are designed not just to clean, but to restore and protect, embodying their promise of quality service, outstanding workmanship, and complete customer satisfaction.

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