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ECCO Midwest fulfills a broad spectrum of HVAC and Duct Cleaning

The team at ECCO Midwest has been trusted for Commercial HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Duct Cleaning services in Minnesota for over 27 years. Unparalleled customer satisfaction, built on a solid foundation of premium service and uncompromising professionalism, sets us apart from our competition.

Our experienced service teams are 100 percent focused on your needs and goals for commercial HVAC cleaning in Minneapolis. You speak, we listen, and together we get the job done right the first time, every time.


HVAC ductwork in the ceiling of a facility


ECCO Midwest fulfills a broad spectrum of commercial ventilation cleaning contracts and maintenance needs for the commercial sector specifically. ECCO Midwest’s core team of professionals is the premiere choice for heating, cooling, dryer vent, and duct cleaning. Our team provides free basic commercial HVAC inspections, insulation repair, and replacements, and our HVAC cleaning services in Minneapolis are performed with speed, quality, and professionalism.

ECCO's HVAC & Duct Cleaning Services

Commercial HVAC inefficiency challenges can make working conditions miserable, especially here in the upper midwest. The sad consequences include high energy costs, over-taxing of inadequate heating systems, breakdowns, and uncomfortable or unbearable working conditions. Our mission at ECCO Midwest is to create a comfortable working space all year long.

We offer but are not limited to the following Commercial HVAC and Duct Cleaning Services:

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